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Welcome to Konda Kennels


We are a small kennel situated in Brisbane, Australia where we are back dropped by the glorious glasshouse mountains. We have a family of seven magnificent bullmastiffs which we will be introducing to you shortly.

Our aim is to breed high quality bullmastiffs, with excellent confirmation and great movement. All our breeding dogs are screened for hip and elbow dysplasia and excellent temperaments are a must for all our dogs, whether they be for pet homes or show homes.

All our dogs and puppies are raised in a family environment, as we believe socialization is very important to the developing puppies and dogs. In fact, our dogs ARE family.

The bullmastiff is a wonderful loyal companion. They are an affectionate dog as well as being a first class guard dog, but they are also very good with children. It is a strong breed which was obtained from crossing the Mastiff with the Bulldog. At one time many, many years ago the Bullmastiff had an almost unequalled reputation for ferocity, but today the Bullmastiff is lovable and trustworthy, despite their power and size.

The Bullmastiff evolved some 200 or 300 years ago and was bred as a guard dog against poachers, where the actual bulk of the dog weighed down intruders without actually harming them. Nowadays the Bullmastiff has become a big softie whose appearance alone would be enough to deter an intruder.

We hope you enjoy our lovely breed and your wander thru our web site.